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Crossing Barriers and Uniting Nations and Cultures

Sociolinguist’s Studio “Different but the Same” functioning as an interdisciplinary platform within the framework of Students’ Hub “E-LinguaScope” cherishes a challenging yet rewarding ambition: broadening students’ horizons through unveiling intricate labyrinths of intertwining and mutual continuous replenishment of language, culture and society.

During the recent session of the studio which took place on the 16th of November 2023 students of group 341.1 (Learning Module “Mass Media” of the course “Practice of Profession-oriented English”, University Associate Professor – Svitlana Aleksenko)enthusiastically set about analyzing online English publicistic discourse which traditionally comes across as an impressive mosaic of linguistic and extralinguistic factors, ethnocultural features and norms of the social environment, social order and even the prevailing ideology being deeply engrained in the very fabric of a newspaper.

A noteworthy assemblage of the British and American newspapers, magazines and news agencies overviewed comprised The Independent, The Guardian, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, Interview and Reuters.The students not only masterfully revealed an envious acumen of grasping and evaluating the essence of sociocultural scenery behind the art of creating and sustaining the newspaper discourse with the individual recipient and the mass audience in mind but also managed to come up with insightful presentations which provided listeners with concise but all-embracing account of the editions’ columns and concerns with current affairs developments on the vibrant and dynamic political scene of the respective countries. A fair share of attention was given to the content, layout and design, news coverage span, ownership, circulation and online presence, editorial stances and even controversial policies of the mass media in question. A successful venture was also undertaken to unravel an amalgam of various semiotic modi present on virtual pages, those encompassing an unbeatable combination of textual sequences and visual symbols and images to get the message across.

The demonstrated ability to scrupulously select news sources and astutely spot the points of publicistic emphasis will undoubtedly lay the foundations for further scientific endeavours of our would-be scholars who deserve high estimation of their budding academic merits. The faculty expresses a strong sense of their professional pride in such a promising student body!